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Our Clients

OneShield can adapt to clients specializing in single lines of business and others offering multiple products across personal and commercial lines. Our portfolio of success is solidified by some very strong names within the insurance industry. A testament to the flexibility and strength of our solutions is that each company you see listed below, along with others, had a wide scope of needs and requirements that were completely varied and diverse. Click on any of the client logos below for more information. 

Advantage Insurance, Inc.

Advantage Insurance, Inc. of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, is a leading provider of specialty insurance and related services to business owners and high net worth individuals seeking customized solutions for their risk management and financial planning needs. Advantage worked with OneShield to significantly automate what was largely a manual and paper-based process for issuing, rating, and managing complex and custom-tailored insurance products.

Advantage Insurance, Inc.

Company Needs

Advantage moved away from a largely paper-based insurance operation, heavily reliant on manually maintained policy information.  The old process, which was subject to human error and time constraints, relied on a small group of key business managers to manually input and manage policy data and information.  The manual operations substantially inhibited growth and scalability.  Advantage’s business pipeline information had been previously entered and updated by hand.  These limitations constrained the company’s ability to adapt quickly to a changing market and hindered the creation of new and competitive products. Compliance with the myriad of regulations that are applicable for their global growth was labor-intensive. The project goals were simply stated, yet wide-sweeping: digitizing all paper processes, automating anything that could be automated, using the technology to monitor and measure processes which could not be automated, and implementing an in-house capability for rapid process changes and system configuration, based on stakeholder and market feedback. Advantage is leveraging the OneShield platform to gain efficiencies in task and document processing, financial and partner management, customer communication, and adherence to AML-KYC regulations.

Business Objectives

Business Process Efficiencies

  • Complete automation of a paper-based organization, with modernized controls and management of policy documents
  • Automated and customized reporting for rapid information sharing and monitoring

Flexibility for Future Growth and Scalability

  • The OneShield Life application is designed to support both horizontal and vertical growth
  • The OneShield Designer metadata-driven approach facilitates and improves scalability

Transparency of Operations and Communication

  • Tracking of internal performance and client services
  • Complete user traceability

Cloud-Based Life Solution

  • Completely Automated Operation:
    • Automated task management and processing across business units
    • Automated document management
    • Pipeline automation and internal auditing capabilities
  • Customer and Partner Management
  • Efficient and Fault-tolerant, Cloud-based Document Management
  • Robust Reporting Capabilities:
    • Business Intelligence and reporting for internal stakeholders
  • Enhanced Security and Segregation of Duties:
    • Actor/role-based system access and data encryption
    • Okta multi-factor authentication

With its metadata-driven approach to configuring workflows and rules, OneShield Enterprise has the scalability to support Advantage’s horizontal and vertical growth for years to come.

Customer Testimonial
“OneShield’s technology platform gives us the flexibility and horsepower we need to meet our goals for future growth and scalability,” says Eric Miller, Senior Vice President for Advantage Life. “Ultimately, it means we can service our clients with the utmost efficiency and responsiveness.”