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Our Clients

OneShield can adapt to clients specializing in single lines of business and others offering multiple products across personal and commercial lines. Our portfolio of success is solidified by some very strong names within the insurance industry. A testament to the flexibility and strength of our solutions is that each company you see listed below, along with others, had a wide scope of needs and requirements that were completely varied and diverse. Click on any of the client logos below for more information. 


Pure needed a flexible tool-based platform to effectively and rapidly introduce their unique policy products to a market of high net-worth individuals. OneShield needed to balance the complex underwriting requirements of this market with the aggressive goal of having a complete best-of-breed ASP solution in place within 6 months.

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Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE)

Company Needs

PURE's focus is specifically high net worth individuals with complex underwriting requirements. When PURE began their search for a policy management solution, they knew they wanted a flexible tool‐based platform geared towards easy deployment to facilitate the rapid introduction of their unique policy products to a very challenging market. Their aggressive goal was to have a complete best‐of‐breed ASP solution in place within 6 months.


OneShield's configurable tool‐set enables PURE to customize their unique workflows, allow their business experts to define, develop and deploy the implementation and manage the overall maintenance of their products.

Relationship Management

With OneShield's powerful CRM features PURE maintains all third‐party relationships with one application eliminating the need for multiple integration points and ultimately providing faster service to agents. Additionally, the integration of document e‐Delivery with OneShield has led to enhanced service to PURE's members (policyholders) and agents, as well as a reduced environmental footprint.

“We wanted a modern technology that was going to give us a web‐based, paperless environment that was relatively easy to deploy.”
‐ Mark Hill
SVP, Technology and Process, PURE

“In OneShield, PURE has found a partner with a similar view of the purpose of technology: to enhance efficiencies and provide exceptional service. E‐Delivery is a great example of one of the innovative ways that OneShield has helped PURE respond to the needs of our members and agents. Our ability to configure OneShield's workflow to make electronic delivery a default option for delivering documents securely has helped us save in excess of 50,000 printed pages while providing a fast, simple and reliable service.”
‐ Stuart Tainsky
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, PURE

“Our relationship with OneShield has provided us with the opportunity to be part of a user community of thinkers. It has been a tremendous asset to have a partner that views technology the way we do‐as a way to increase efficiency and improve service for our agents and members.”
‐ Stuart Tainsky
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, PURE