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Our Clients

OneShield can adapt to clients specializing in single lines of business and others offering multiple products across personal and commercial lines. Our portfolio of success is solidified by some very strong names within the insurance industry. A testament to the flexibility and strength of our solutions is that each company you see listed below, along with others, had a wide scope of needs and requirements that were completely varied and diverse. Click on any of the client logos below for more information. 

Travelers Canada

Travelers Canada (formerly The Dominion) wanted to provide “ease of doing business” for the brokerage community and internal users. To do this effectively, they needed to replace multiple old legacy systems with an enterprise solution that enables improved and flexible processing capabilities to improve operational efficiency and decrease time to market for product changes.

OneShield Policy

Travelers Canada (formerly The Dominion)

Company Needs

Travelers Canada's (formerly The Dominion) enterprise policy replacement project is an immense effort with multiple integration points. Ultimately, a number of legacy systems will be retired to facilitate the ease of doing business for the independent broker distribution network by enabling straight through processing. Travelers Canada sought a solution to support their goal of a single system for all personal and commercial lines of business and deployed OneShield Insurance Software.

Self‐reliant and Configurable

Travelers Canada has sophisticated products and complex requirements that demand a flexible system. In addition, they needed the system to allow them to be self‐ reliant. OneShield proved to be the one system that could do what many other products could not because of its metadata capabilities, including the ability to configure a sophisticated, monthly‐rated personal auto product with lots of rules.


OneShield’s willingness to co‐locate development resources and train the Travelers Canada team has resulted in a close working relationship to ensure the implementation is a success.

“We realized from the outset the magnitude of effort involved in a core replacement project as well as the impact adapting to the change on our organization. It was imperative that we not only find the right technology—but the right partner, so we could leverage that experience to our advantage. With OneShield, we found a partner with strong implementation experience and deep insurance knowledge. They worked collaboratively with us throughout our transition. We are very proud of what our team has accomplished. OneShield's commitment and partnership not only made getting to this point possible, but made the journey rewarding.”
‐ Janet Babcock
Chief Information Officer, The Dominion

“The OneShield toolset has facilitated the ease of doing business we strive for with our independent broker distribution network by enabling straight through processing. Today, the majority of new business and policy changes are completed by the broker in minutes rather than days. OneShield allows us to seamlessly integrate into our modern target systems for print, claims, billing, BMS download and corporate and financial reporting applications. We look forward to moving our remaining lines of business from the legacy applications into our new OneShield solution.”
‐ Derek Oke
Senior Information Technology Architect, The Dominion

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