Master Entity Relationship Management


OneShield’s Entity Relationship Management

OneShield’s Entity Relationship Management (ERM) component gives your business partners access to real-time information to facilitate the customer acquisition and servicing process through an intuitive browser-based application. This includes the insured, policy owner, beneficiary, business introducers, or any third-party representing an individual or an organization.


Enhanced Repository

This module serves as an enhanced repository, containing additional Know Your Customer (KYC) details such as personal, tax, beneficial owner information and certifications, and documentation for all stakeholders. On the KYC front, the system provides checklists to ensure background and security quality checks are signed-off as complete.


Assign Varying Roles and Permissions

OneShield ERM helps manage hierarchical and relationship complexities across individuals, and individual-organization relationships, where different stakeholders can play varied roles for diverse insurance transactions.

OneShield ERM maintains the history and version control of all operations for an entity, and can be integrated with third party systems.

Technology Platform

OneShield delivers a pre-built process automation platform with an innovative design tool allowing users to rapidly self-modify solutions via configuration. Bundled with an abundance of components, including object models, UIs, workflows and rules, this cutting-edge platform is deployed on public or private clouds.