A pre-configured system for processing workers’ compensation, general liability, property, commercial automobile and specialty lines.

Core Features

Designed specifically for Third Party Administrators (TPAs), this robust end-to-end claim administration solution supports multiple clients, accounts, and lines of business with automated workflows and rules.

Standardized workflows simplify required tasks and data based on the line of business, while an Integrated Journal Management feature allows users to set single and recurring diary entries with automated escalation, generate system and user-created notes, deliver correspondence from templates, and integrate with email systems.


Manage Claims Efficiently

The claim lifecycle is display on one screen, with easy access to First Notice of Loss (FNOL)/First Report of Injury (FROI), customer information, reserving, third-party provider management, and payment/recovery processing, as well as modules for loss prevention, litigation and medical case management, Return-to-Work (RTW) tracking, subrogation and salvage, and assignment administration.


Secure Web Access for External Partners

Web portal technology, with stringent security measures, provides role-appropriate access to a claim, giving your business an efficient B2B portal for business partners (repair shops, medical providers, etc.) to share information and deliver action requests to supply chain providers.


Intelligent Policy Management

Underwriting information collected is systematically evaluated by the rules engine to define underwriting processing for review and acceptance. Once bound, the system performs re-rating, changes in exposures and resulting billing plans, financial transaction management, and renewals and cancellation management.


Detailed Reporting

OneShield Software’s feature-rich reporting module provides data dashboards and a wide variety of standardized reports, giving users the ability to make informed and timely decisions. The module fully supports configuration of all management, regulatory, financial, operational, statistical and marketing reports.


Pennsylvania Financial Responsibility Assigned Claims Plan Deploys OneShield’s As-a-Service Cloud-based Solution FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Replaces 15-year-old legacy system’s manual processes,…

Knowledge Hub


SUNZ Insurance Company was looking to implement a policy system that would offer the flexibility to provide complex workers compensation products.



OneShield Software’s self-serve Web portals give your customers and other market partners secure, yet controlled access to any aspect of your solutions, allowing agents, partners and customers to select and execute payment options

Relationship Management

OneShield Billing provides premium billing functionality in a complete payment and receivables management system for P&C and Life insurers across all personal, commercial, life and specialty markets.


Your ability to foresee, react or adapt to marketplace events often depends on the quality of information available. Your core system holds a vast portion of this critical data.

Lower Cost of Ownership


Pre-Built Insurance Content

Our pre-built library of insurance-specific content for personal, commercial, life and specialty lines and pre-defined and configurable data models, workflows, rules, rates, reports, dashboards and product definitions — eliminating the time-consuming and costly “ground-up” requirements gathering process.



The intuitive nature of our design application and wizard-based development, OneShield Designer, empowers your business and technical users to work collaboratively to achieve 100% self-sufficiency in modifying functions.



As one policy can impact another, our model allows you to underwrite on an account-level, rather than policy-level, giving you the ability to easily launch customer loyalty programs and agent incentives.