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Manage and customize programs and services during the customer lifecycle for all your external market partner relationships.

Core Features

Deliver secure and automated access to your core system applications from the Web for any third-party market partner. This robust, flexible and easily configurable relationship management tool allows you to control and simplify how you interact with third-parties, enabling them to manage staff, write new business, process address and contact change information, access billing statements, and process monthly reconciliations.

ORM will give your business partners – agents, brokers, wholesale and program managers, reinsurers, inspection companies, repair shops, towing service, medical service providers and legal services – real-time web access to information they need to support the customer acquisition and servicing lifecycle.

OneShield ORM provides everything you need for fast, efficient relationship management with your partners. It streamlines even the most complex systems and frees up time for the things that are really important – like growing your business.


Completely Configurable

Design your own workflows, automate time-consuming manual tasks, and handle the complex hierarchies other systems cannot. Whether deployed on-premises or via the cloud “As-A-Service,” ORM helps eliminate manual tasks that drain productivity.


Roles and Permissions

Assign varying roles and permissions to individual third-party market partner users to segregate duties and ensure each user has access to the right information.


Document Management Capabilities

Integrates with a wide variety of industry-standard applications to allow your team to upload and store attachments, as well as render essential communications such as letters and emails.


Custom Information Repository

This module is also an enhanced repository containing individualized documentation for all stakeholders, such as formalized contracts, allowing you to maintain a history and version control for any third-party entity.


MFX, one of the largest vertical system integrators for the P&C Insurance industry, to market the full suite of OneShield’s…

Knowledge Hub

INN: Core Insurance Systems In The Cloud; A CIO’s View


CapSpecialty needed to move its legacy book of business to a new platform and roll-out an agent platform.

Technology Platform

OneShield delivers a pre-built process automation platform with an innovative design tool allowing users to rapidly self-modify solutions via configuration. Bundled with an abundance of components, including object models, UIs, workflows and rules, this cutting-edge platform is deployed on public or private clouds.



OneShield Software’s self-serve Web portals give your customers and other market partners secure, yet controlled access to any aspect of your solutions, allowing agents, partners and customers to select and execute payment options

Relationship Management

OneShield Billing provides premium billing functionality in a complete payment and receivables management system for P&C and Life insurers across all personal, commercial, life and specialty markets.


Your ability to foresee, react or adapt to marketplace events often depends on the quality of information available. With OneShield Reporting, you can leverage pre-built or ad-hoc reports to get critical decision-making data.

Lower Cost of Ownership


Pre-Built Insurance Content

Our pre-built library of insurance-specific content for personal, commercial, life and specialty lines and pre-defined and configurable data models, workflows, rules, rates, reports, dashboards and product definitions — eliminating the time-consuming and costly “ground-up” requirements gathering process.



The intuitive nature of our design application and wizard-based development, OneShield Designer, empowers your business and technical users to work collaboratively to achieve 100% self-sufficiency in modifying functions.



As one policy can impact another, our model allows you to underwrite on an account-level, rather than policy-level, giving you the ability to easily launch customer loyalty programs and agent incentives.