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All OneShield Insurance Software solutions use a data-centric or metadata-based approach to create best-in-class applications. This architecture allows for fast and simple self-configuration of product definitions, workflows, rating and the object-model without disrupting system functionality. At the same time, this approach also allows for relatively seamless system updates and data exchange with a variety of third-party applications widely used in the insurance industry. 

OneShield Enterprise

Scalable and highly reliable, OneShield Enterprise solutions use a stateless multi-tier JEE enterprise-class architecture that runs on most industry-standard application servers.
OneShield Enterprise’s services layer and built-in tools allow for seamless integration with the insurance industry’s myriad of internal and external systems. OneShield’s presentation layer leverages an ExtJS framework which provides for a rich user experience, browser compatibility and mobility.
Importantly, OneShield Enterprise software code is independent of any carrier-specific product and business logic — ensuring a clear upgrade path without fear of overriding years of valuable configuration.
This enterprise system is highly scalable and completely data-centric, accommodating a wide variety of insurance-related applications, including web-based solutions. Your users can also leverage our extensive pre-built content (including rules, workflows and other processes) to ensure your core system works the way your business wants.

OneShield Market Solutions

The OneShield Market Solutions product line takes advantage of the accessibility and cost-effective benefits of secure cloud-based application hosting. That means no software installations are necessary for end-user computers.
OneShield Market Solutions applications may also be self-hosted using industry-standard application servers, operating systems, and databases.
The technology base for OneShield Market Solutions is Microsoft Visual Studio using SQL Server or Oracle. The architecture for the OneShield Market Solutions product line features an embedded Rules Engine and Workflow components.
Our high-performance cloud environment has been configured to host large numbers of concurrent users with exceptional speed and response.
OneShield Market Solutions also uses web service APIs to allow smooth integration with external service-oriented providers and technologies used throughout the industry.