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OneShield’s Service Layer

External applications can execute business transactions remotely using Service-Oriented Architecture-based (SOA) Web Services built-in to OneShield Software solutions.


A collection of SOA Web Services in OneShield’s service layer provide a robust framework for building additional services for B2B and B2C needs. Additionally, all SOA applications built on the transaction platform can then be accessed simultaneously through our portals or other applications leveraging OneShield’s service layer. The service layer uses “headless transaction processing” with a variation of XML allowing configurable service operation request and response payloads. Ultimately, this means you have a completely configurable end-to-end software platform that automates and simplifies almost every stage of the insurance policy lifecycle using a mix of OneShield and third-party solutions.


Hundreds of Possible Integrations

To date, using the service layer, OneShield has integrated with over 200 third-party systems and application solutions — enabling the insurance industry’s myriad of internal and external systems to request and send data.

Quickly Generate User Interfaces

Whether you are integrating document generation solutions, enterprise content management systems or other third-party applications, the OneShield Service Layer leverages an ExtJS framework to create a rich user interface experience with extensive web browser compatibility and device mobility.

Enhance Performance & Lower TCO

Leveraging OneShield’s service layer allows clients to significantly enhance system performance and lower the total cost of ownership of OneShield’s technology platform.

Complete Data Security

OneShield’s SOA Web Services securely open up almost all processes and workflows to external systems while allowing users to self-configure aspects of the incoming and outgoing data requests.

Ready to transform your business?

Looking to add organizational agility, operational efficiencies, unlimited scalability, collaborative access, and flexibility to your business?


Consider cloud-based “As-A-Service” technology: out-of-the-box integration frameworks and functionality, unlimited scalability, workflow automation, disaster recovery and failover protection, 24/7 technical support, and data security.
Working in the cloud with OneShield Software allows your business to be nimble, efficient and cost-effective — eliminating manual-based operations, enhancing speed-to-market, enriching analytics, and improving your bottom line.
AAS is why 95% of IT spending is expected to shift from in-house to the cloud by 2025, why 4 out of 5 carriers want to digitize core insurance operations, and why 66% of insurers are moving to the cloud to reduce overall cost of process deliveryt.
tSource: HFS Research November 2015