Core Platform

Scalable, metadata-driven, JEE-based transactional platform, built around a rules-based workflow engine.

Insurance Baseline

Insurance Baseline is comprised of pre-configured insurance processes and product models. Together, these processes and models represent a reference implementation for an insurance value chain.


Operating within a framework of application programming interfaces (APIs) and extremely flexible in ways the software can be used within the insurance ecosystem.

Metadata Based

OneShield Enterprise offers complete configurability for designing system and business processes. More than 90% of our implementations are configuration based, and less than 10% are code-based (Java). Making the application highly extensible.

Single Platform

The strength of our technology is employed across a unified platform for all applications: Policy, Billing, Claims, Relationship Management, Reinsurance, Portals, Reporting, etc. There are no integrations required between the internal components of OneShield Enterprise.


This intersection of people and technology requires reusable software components accessed via web services that can be leveraged seamlessly across the enterprise through to every communication channel. 

Technology Architected for Change

Vivek Gujral

Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

“If you want to improve customer service capabilities, your technology needs to be centered on the customer and around the full lifecycle of customer engagement.”

OneShield Designer

Adaptable to change, our design tool allows users to configure virtually every aspect of the system, including workflow, product definition, and object model, as well as web-services to legacy and third-party systems. Supported by user guiding wizards and best practice design principles, OneShield Designer is a metadata-driven solution powered by user-friendly tools and a pre-populated insurance centric data model empowering both business and technical users.

Services Designer

An add-on to OneShield Designer, Services Designer implements a collection of vendor and product-independent pre-configured API’s. This collection of services allows external applications to remotely execute business transactions on the OneShield platform. Any processing that has traditionally been tied to the User Interface, or available solely within the platform, has been de-coupled and made available as-a-service. These services enable external systems to exchange data with the OneShield platform using operations like create, read, search, update, and delete and to use it as a data repository for customer business entities. These services also expose insurance product definitions to third-party systems – enabling, for instance, portals or specialized functional applications such as risk management.

Package Designer

An add-on to OneShield Designer, Package Designer provides the ability to wrap together disparate coverages and coverage parts, including those traditionally defined as commercial and personal lines, into a single policy package.