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OneShield’s Portals

Built-in self-serve Web portals give your customers and other market partners secure and controlled “anytime, anywhere” access to almost every aspect of your core system solutions.

Allow agents, partners and customers to select and execute payment options, review policies and documents, and monitor the status of action items, while you maintain complete control over the types of business they can transact. Limitless end-user roles and permissions can be defined for any agent/broker, underwriter, reinsurer, lawyer, system administrator or service provider involved in processing aspects of an insurance transaction. Configurable activities include, but are not limited to, claim submission, historic payments and claim related enquiries, quotes, asking questions, uploading and downloading documents, making payments, preferred profile changes, and address, telephone, or email modifications.

Centralized Security

Using built-in or configurable user-based security roles and permissions, authentication and authorization is centralized — allowing your administrators to have complete control over who accesses the system, and what they can see and do.

Improved Efficiencies

Giving self-service capabilities to external partners and customers frees your staff members to focus on other tasks, and deal with more complex partner and customer matters. Configurable features and an open architecture mean you can add more self-service options in the future as your business grows.

Integrated With No Coding

OneShield’s portals are built into our products. User interface screens are dynamically generated by our system platform in the user’s Web browser and no coding is involved.

Multiple Portals

Launch as many portals as needed, serving a specific target market or audience. Possibilities are endless — existing or new customers, agents, insurers, affinity groups, third-party administrators, lawyers, reinsurers, garages, inspection agencies, towing companies, etc.

Ready to transform your business?

Looking to add organizational agility, operational efficiencies, unlimited scalability, collaborative access, and flexibility to your business?

Consider cloud-based “As-A-Service” technology: out-of-the-box integration frameworks and functionality, unlimited scalability, workflow automation, disaster recovery and failover protection, 24/7 technical support, and data security.

Working in the cloud with OneShield Software allows your business to be nimble, efficient and cost-effective — eliminating manual-based operations, enhancing speed-to-market, enriching analytics, and improving your bottom line.

AAS is why 95% of IT spending is expected to shift from in-house to the cloud by 2025, why 4 out of 5 carriers want to digitize core insurance operations, and why 66% of insurers are moving to the cloud to reduce overall cost of process delivery.