Instantly Provide PPLI Illustrations


OneShield Software

OneShield Software’s technology platform includes pre-built and configurable support for policy performance illustrations, including current, non-guaranteed, and guaranteed illustrations.


Create, Track, and Manage Multiple Illustration Summaries

The premium, cash surrender value, and death benefits are computed automatically based on your selected assumptions. Within an intuitive Customer Information File, users have the ability to create, track, and manage multiple Illustration summaries before a final version is presented to the customer. The status and illustration summary information is tracked and preserved throughout the entire policy lifecycle, and automated tasks drive an intuitive workflow from illustration generation through application and reinsurance management.


OneShield’s PPLI Solution

Illustration documents can be easily added as illustration summaries are created and finalized, and all user activity is tracked through a detailed and configurable Diary page to ensure that business operations are managed efficiently. OneShield’s PPLI Solution can be integrated with external illustration software to build a more robust and comprehensive illustration solution.

Technology Platform

OneShield delivers a pre-built process automation platform with an innovative design tool allowing users to rapidly self-modify solutions via configuration. Bundled with an abundance of components, including object models, UIs, workflows and rules, this cutting-edge platform is deployed on public or private clouds.