From client acquisition to policy design to relationship management, OneShield’s platform allows you to focus on the mission-critical elements of running your business.


OneShield’s PPLI Solution

OneShield’s PPLI Solution gives your team members the industry’s most advanced and configurable end-to-end policy management solution designed specifically for the nuances of the PPLI market — all within a cost-effective and secure “As-a-Service” environment.

With an abundance of pre-configured and customizable features and functions, OneShield’s PPLI Solution automates workflows, business rules, customizable processes, document management, and transaction processing.


Document management capabilities

Document management capabilities, for example, can be almost entirely automated from manual paperbased operations. The solution integrates with a wide variety of industry-standard applications to allow your team to upload and store attachments, as well as render essential client and internal statements.


Assign Varying Roles and Permissions

Another important element in managing the policy lifecycle is the solution’s ability to assign varying roles and permissions to individual internal or third-party market partner users. With this key capability to segregate duties, you can ensure each user has access to the right information for their individual roles, while maintaining a crucial level of internal security and transparency of information.

Users have access to a full range of business development features, allowing them to track, record, and receive reminders of key steps in the prospect management process.



  • Work multiple submissions and active files in real-time with producers, employees, insureds, and third-parties for quoting, binding, issuing, and servicing all transactions within the policy lifecycle
  • Customize charging structures and workflows to meet your unique business needs
  • Define and manage your own underwriting rules and actionable outcomes, including straight-through-processing, via a robust table-driven engine
  • Integrate document management, including acquisition, generation, and organization — giving you an accessible and comprehensive account file
  • Register and manage reinsurers and cede business. Or, grant treaty or facultative authority to a Reinsurer Partner, register agreements, handle proportional and non-proportional treaty and facultative agreements, and track cessions by treaty or reinsurer

Technology Platform

OneShield delivers a pre-built process automation platform with an innovative design tool allowing users to rapidly self-modify solutions via configuration. Bundled with an abundance of components, including object models, UIs, workflows and rules, this cutting-edge platform is deployed on public or private clouds.