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OneShield Rating automates and simplifies the complexities at every stage of the rating process across all lines of personal, commercial and specialty markets.

Core Features

Saving your business time and money while eliminating risks, OneShield Rating is a highly configurable solution with a data-driven model allowing you to accurately create, update, test and deploy rating and underwriting rules — a major driver of your business’ success.

Whether deployed in the cloud “As-a-Service” or on-premise, this is an end-to-end rating platform for real-time calculations of insurance premiums and quotes. Leverage our pre-populated rules and rates content, or configure it to use your business-specific rules and rates.

OneShield Rating can also import any content, including third-party policy systems, and is unique in its use of shared or common product definition data. It handles even the most complex scenarios and gives you the results needed for accurate underwriting in a fast-paced world.


Risk Mitigation

OneShield Rating features help you avoid risks in the underwriting process. The solution can be invoked at any point in the policy lifecycle to price-out risks outside your tolerance or rules. The rating engine can also be used to calculate data to drive underwriting rules and/or system behavior.


What-If” Scenarios

Versioning capability and batch functionality empowers product managers and actuaries to perform “what if” analysis down to the attribute level to determine how change will affect a book of business before changes are made — helping identify policies, classes or segments adversely affected so you can take appropriate action.


Unlimited Scalability

Support multiple writing and rating companies with complete version control, regardless of the number of active rate books, or single, multi-state and national filing adoptions. OneShield Rating automates and simplifies the complexities at every stage of the rating process across all lines of personal, commercial, life and specialty markets.


Quote Validations

All policy validations can be completed before rating even begins, so you know it’s a valid quote before you put it through. OneShield Rating handles the most complex rating algorithms, including multi-variant rating and includes several different rating methods, including anniversary rating and predictive modeling.


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Knowledge Hub

Novarica Research Report: Insurance Carrier Core Systems In The Cloud

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ICAT, a leading provider of property insurance to businesses/residential in hurricane and earthquake exposed regions of the United States, chose OneShield as its policy management solution.

Technology Platform

OneShield delivers a pre-built process automation platform with an innovative design tool allowing users to rapidly self-modify solutions via configuration. Bundled with an abundance of components, including object models, UIs, workflows and rules, this cutting-edge platform is deployed on public or private clouds.



OneShield Software’s self-serve Web portals give your customers and other market partners secure, yet controlled access to any aspect of your solutions, allowing agents, partners and customers to select and execute payment options

Relationship Management

OneShield Billing provides premium billing functionality in a complete payment and receivables management system for P&C and Life insurers across all personal, commercial, life and specialty markets.


Your ability to foresee, react or adapt to marketplace events often depends on the quality of information available. With OneShield Reporting, you can leverage pre-built or ad-hoc reports to get critical decision-making data.

Lower Cost of Ownership


Pre-Built Insurance Content

Our pre-built library of insurance-specific content for personal, commercial, life and specialty lines and pre-defined and configurable data models, workflows, rules, rates, reports, dashboards and product definitions — eliminating the time-consuming and costly “ground-up” requirements gathering process.



The intuitive nature of our design application and wizard-based development, OneShield Designer, empowers your business and technical users to work collaboratively to achieve 100% self-sufficiency in modifying functions.



As one policy can impact another, our model allows you to underwrite on an account-level, rather than policy-level, giving you the ability to easily launch customer loyalty programs and agent incentives.