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Advantage Insurance, Inc.

Company Needs

Advantage’s project goals were simply stated, yet wide-sweeping: digitizing all paper processes, automating anything that could be automated, using technology to monitor and measure processes which could not be automated, and implement an in-house capability for rapid process changes and system configuration. Meeting the needs of their business, Advantage selected OneShield, resulting in efficiencies in task and document processing, financial and partner management, customer communication, and adherence to AML-KYC regulations.

Business Process Efficiencies

Advantage turned to OneShield to implement its enterprise class OneShield Life Solution – creating new efficiencies in task and document processing, improving financial management, enhancing customer communication, and ensuring adherence to anti-money laundering and KYC (know your customer) regulations. OneShield’s solution delivered complete automation of a paper-based organization, with modernized controls, reporting capabilities and advanced management of policy documents.

Flexibility for Future Growth and Scalability

The OneShield Life application was designed to support both horizontal and vertical growth. With its metadata-driven approach to configuring workflows and rules, OneShield Enterprise has the scalability to support Advantage’s horizontal and vertical growth for years to come.

“OneShield’s technology platform gives us the flexibility and horsepower we need to meet our goals for future growth and scalability. Ultimately, it means we can service our clients with the utmost efficiency and responsiveness.”