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Company Needs

For more than a century, Federated Insurance has provided peace of mind to business owners through valued insurance protection. With that in mind, Federated understood an update to their policy system was essential to continue servicing the needs of their clients and evolving their product offerings to meet and exceed customer expectations of the future.

Partnering for Self Sufficiency

From the onset of selecting OneShield as their new technology policy platform, Federated and OneShield have aligned their working relationship to successfully reach project goals. Self-sufficiency stands at the forefront of these new system goals. With OneShield, Federated now has the ability to solution for complex scenarios in different ways, providing them options to achieve varied desired outcomes. Utilizing OneShield Designer, Federated now has flexibility to self-configure and create the products needed to meet customer and market demands.

Rapid Growth

The evolution of this project with OneShield continues to demonstrate the value of this strong relationship and the adaptability of OneShield’s solution. Effective oversight and involvement at all levels has been key to solidifying the commitment and continued success of this partnership, resulting in continued growth and response to changes in their business.