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Real Estate Owners and Managers Insurance Group (ROMIG)

The Real Estate Owners and Managers Insurance Group (ROMIG) was formed through a collaboration of property management companies trying to find a cost-effective way to purchase insurance coverage for their clients’ real estate portfolios. ROMIG’s mission is to become Canada’s lowest-cost provider of insurance to the commercial real estate industry while at the same time supporting the industry’s development.

Group participants include property and asset managers, private investor portfolios and syndicates controlling portfolios of office, retail, industrial multifamily, and mixed-use properties. Participants are focused on pro-actively controlling and minimizing risk at each property by taking a hands-on management approach.

Company Needs

In considering potential software partners, ROMIG’s search objectives were to find a solution that could adapt and scale as their business evolves and meet the distinctive business needs of their group participants as well as insurers. ROMIG felt confident selecting OneShield Market Solutions cloud technology given that it is purpose-built for MGAs and commercial insurers and will provide the needed agility and scalability.

Adapt and Scale to Support Business Growth

The scalability and flexibility of OneShield’s technology were also of paramount importance as ROMIG expand geographically. OneShield’s cloud-based platform gives control over automated workflows and processes, allows them to generate customized reports, and reconfigure their business model with its innovative design tools.

Purpose-built for MGAs and Commercial Insurers

Focused on proactively minimizing risk and evolving their business ROMIC can now extend portal capabilities to insureds and brokers for self-sufficiency, unify and automate the policy and billing processes, leverage APIs and XML interfaces to third-party data providers, improve efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction, and eliminate many routine and manual tasks with a configurable rules engine.