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Cloud Services

Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase flexibility for deploying cloud-based applications and services by leveraging OneShield’s highly secure and scalable hosting services.

A recent survey showed over 45 percent of insurers are evaluating or implementing core systems using cloud services. The challenge for many is finding a cloud hosting service provider with an understanding of the insurance industry’s unique needs, such as using hybrid private/public models with rock-solid security and privacy features. Cloud hosting is provided through best-of-breed carefully selected alliances to ensure clients benefit from the best possible solutions, including an SSAE-16 Type II certified data center with 24/7/365 availability. Whether the cloud is your short- or long-term IT strategy, OneShield and it’s market partners have the depth of experience needed to help you transform your business for the future.

Private or Shared

OneShield hosts and maintains your core services platform within a private and highly secure shared cloud infrastructure with full and complete disaster recovery capabilities. Benefit from the cost efficiencies of having OneShield’s dedicated administrative support and security expertise, and savings gained in having lower hardware investment and maintenance costs.

Deploy Faster

Since new environments can be brought online in less time than ever before with virtual technology, the time to deploy a new application drops dramatically. Instead of acquiring, installing and configuring a new hardware server, OneShield can provide a new virtual environment in a short timeframe with virtual servers.

Full Configurability

With your solutions hosted by OneShield, you enjoy the full benefits of our highly configurable product offerings. There is no limitation to the degree of configuration of a cloud-based system and your software is independent of other hosted applications. With the ability to customize your software platform, you still enjoy complete self-sufficiency in developing and maintaining your own user interface, workflows, rates, rules, forms, and transaction processing methods.

Simplify Operations

With OneShield hosting your core services, you can do more with fewer people and the learning curve for hardware and software issues is minimal. This means more time to focus on critical business issues, and less time spent managing logistics and troubleshooting IT issues.

What's keeping you from competing in the cloud?

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