A fully-functioning rating, quoting, and policy and claims administration system, including billing and time tracking, document management, loss control and detailed reporting and analysis.

Core Features

A secure and pre-configured end-to-end policy, billing and claims solution for supporting Regional Carriers with multiple insureds, agents, and other stakeholders. From a user dashboard that provides a complete overview of appointments, activities and critical alerts, your team members have access to a 360-degree view of customers, prospects, vendors, brokers and other stakeholders.

The user dashboard provides a complete snapshot of appointments, daily activities, critical alerts, open workflow steps, and recently reported claims.

  • Advanced Claims Management

    The claim lifecycle for any given customer is displayed on a single screen, including FROI, customer information, reserving, third-party provider management, return-to-work tracking, payment/recovery processing, and automated user authority limit validation.

  • Detailed Reporting

    OneShield Software’s feature-rich reporting module provides users with data dashboards and a wide variety of standardized reports, giving your team the ability to make informed and timely decisions. The module fully supports the configuration of all management, regulatory, financial, operational, statistical and marketing reports.

  • Intelligent Remote Policy Submissions

    A secure web portal allows your agents to enter prospective accounts, exposures, coverages and limit information for an immediate quote. Underwriting information collected is systematically evaluated by the rules engine to define underwriting processing for review and acceptance. Once bound, the system performs re-rating, changes in exposures and resulting billing plans, financial transaction management, and renewals and cancellation management.

  • Comprehensive Financial Process Features

    Automated workflows with client-defined rules control results for each financial transaction entered into the system, including dynamic drill-down capability, automated policy limit checking, bulk payments and receipts, and automated fraud scores and identification.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Regional Carriers

Speed To Market

Accelerate your speed to market meeting the time pressures of your business with our feature-rich, market-ready, out-of-the-box solution with tailorable workflows and rules to suit specific business & technology requirements.

Regional Carriers

Data Flexibility & Visibility

Data transparency through feature-rich reporting, robust dashboards and a wide variety of standardized reports provide users the ability to make informed and timely decisions. With the interoperability of technology, leverage third-party data, and solutions to enhance your customer experience.

Regional Carriers

All-In-One Pricing

Reduce overhead expenses and achieve lower total cost of ownership with a cloud-hosted platform. All-in-One license pricing comprises our SaaS Hub of Services encompassing implementation, training/support, multi-tenant licensing, managed services, and updates.

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