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New opportunities are being created every day as technology becomes more ubiquitous in daily life. Customers are changing quickly and so must process and products to serve those needs. Insurers that have self-sufficiency within their technology platforms that can evolve as the market dictates will fare better amidst the disruption. Your core systems must enable your organization to quickly address business needs such as increased personalization, flexibility of offerings, real-time pricing changes, consumer-activated insurance, and other product innovations.

  • OneShield Policy

    The solution that launched OneShield in 1999, OneShield Policy is the industry’s most advanced and configurable end-to-end policy management system, designed for every stage of the policy lifecycle and all...

  • OneShield Billing

    OneShield Billing delivers the most comprehensive payment and receivables system for general insurers across all commercial, personal and specialty insurance markets.

  • OneShield Rating

    Designed for insurers across all commercial, personal and specialty lines, OneShield Rating can help simplify the complexities of rating using a data-driven model that allows for synchronized deployments for rate,...

  • OneShield Claims

    From the first notice of loss through to claims file closure, OneShield Claims helps reduce claims-related overhead expenses, improve operational efficiencies and service quality, and enhance your business relationships with...

  • OneShield Relationship Management (ORM)

    OneShield Relationship Management allows you to automate and control how you interact with any third-party partners — brokers, reinsurers or other third-parties — via a configurable web portal, with detailed...

Line of Business Content & Use Cases

Line of Business Content & Use Cases

Designed specifically for personal, commercial and specialty lines of business content. OneShield Software can help enhance and improve your operational...



Turn raw data into actionable information with near-time portfolio analysis and detailed standard or customized reports. OneShield provides one of...



Vital reinsurance handling capabilities that streamline the administration and management of reinsurance agreements. With OneShield’s Reinsurance functionality, you will have...


OneShield Market Solutions are developed to meet the needs of specialized financial services markets, including MGAs, Professional Liability, and
Regional Carriers.