In one centralized management registry, set up your reinsurers, register treaties, and track cessions of treaty and facultative risks.

Your core policy management system should look beyond policies alone and account for the influence of important market partners, such as reinsurers. That’s why OneShield Software has included vital reinsurance handling capabilities that streamline the administration and management of reinsurance agreements since it was first launched into the marketplace.

We understand the important role that reinsurers play in the underwriting process and their role in the success of your business. With OneShield Reinsurance’s functionality, you will have the business intelligence data and administrative tools needed to work more closely with third-party reinsurers to expedite and facilitate the policy lifecycle, as well as manage overall risk.

OneShield makes it easier to register and manage reinsurers and cede business. Users can grant treaty or facultative authority to the reinsurer partner, and register agreements, handle proportional and non-proportional treaty and facultative agreements and track cessions by agreement or by the reinsurer. Achieve an enterprise-wide overview of your relationships with reinsurance providers.

Simplifying your commission and billing processes, OneShield can also net out cession commissions, and issue reinsurance payments based on treaty descriptions and commission agreements.

Ready to transform your business?

Looking to add organizational agility, operational efficiencies, unlimited scalability, collaborative access, and flexibility to your business?

Consider cloud-based “As-a-Service” technology: out-of-the-box integration frameworks and functionality, unlimited scalability, workflow automation, disaster recovery and failover protection, 24/7 technical support, and data security.

Working in the cloud with OneShield Software allows your business to be nimble, efficient and cost-effective — eliminating manual-based operations, enhancing speed-to-market, enriching analytics, and improving your bottom line.

AAS is why 95% of IT spending is expected to shift from in-house to the cloud by 2025, why 4 out of 5 carriers want to digitize core insurance operations, and why 66% of insurers are moving to the cloud to reduce overall cost of process delivery.