Enhance operational and process efficiencies, strengthen service levels, and rapidly support initiatives – all while giving you the power to design workflows and automate billing administration processes.

Core Features

No matter how complex your accounting needs are, this complete billing and receivables management system for P&C insurers generates invoices, enables self-serve Web portals, tracks payables and receivables, offers rich analytics, and helps resolve customer and partner inquiries quickly. From billing and reconciliations to reporting, streamline all aspects of your billing cycle across virtually every personal, commercial, specialty insurance market.

Both agent and customer service levels are significantly enhanced with built-in commission management, flexible equity-based billing, payment and delinquency plans, and easy integration with third-party document and payment systems.

  • Automate Accounting Processes

    Automatically generate tasks for Billing/PAS users, including invoices, reminders, notices, cash application, write-offs, disbursements and suspend billing functions. Minimize billing leakage with automation, including mid-term rescheduling of payment plans or bill-type changes that maintain control over all payment term changes.

  • Enable Self-Serve Options

    Enhance customer service levels with self-serve options such as payment, including online payments that fully integrate with OneShield Billing and other external systems. For example, offer multiple payment methods, including real-time online and credit/debit/EFT payments.

  • Customize Almost Anything

    Become fully self-sufficient with end-to-end configuration options. Add flexible rules-based billing and payment plan options matching individual insureds or risk or, configure cash application rules to determine the order of cash application to fees, premiums, etc.

  • Manage Multiple Views

    From in-house access to web portals, OneShield’s “actor role” security features determine who sees and does what within the system — ensuring users can only perform discrete functions within the system. For example, single payments, batch payments, or cash applications, but not write-offs or suspension activities.

“Adopting Microservices to Enhance the Journey Towards Digitized Insurance”.

Developing a compelling customer experience has become a top priority for insurers who know that insurance has become one product among many from the perspective of the consumer.


Line of Business Content & Use Cases

Line of Business Content & Use Cases

Designed specifically for personal, commercial and specialty lines of business content. OneShield Software can help enhance and improve your operational...



Turn raw data into actionable information with near-time portfolio analysis and detailed standard or customized reports. OneShield provides one of...



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Lower Cost of Ownership

OneShield Billing

Pre-Built Insurance Content

Our pre-built library of insurance-specific content for personal, commercial, and specialty insurance markets offer pre-defined and configurable data models, workflows, rules, rates, reports, dashboards, and product definitions — eliminating the time-consuming and costly “ground-up” requirements gathering process.

OneShield Billing


The intuitive nature of our design application and wizard-based development, OneShield Designer, empowers your business and technical users to work collaboratively to achieve 100% self-sufficiency in modifying functions.

OneShield Billing


As one policy can impact another, our model allows you to underwrite on an account-level, rather than policy-level, giving you the ability to easily launch customer loyalty programs and agent incentives.