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OneShield Software Corporate Brochure

Creating a responsive business
in an era of change.

OneShield Software: Insurance and technology innovators serving P&C, life, health and specialty insurers through one of the most versatile platforms available on premise and in the cloud. Single platform. Metadata driven. Architected for change.

Business continuously evolves,
shouldn’t your software as well?

Prepare for change with technology that adapts.

How will you navigate today’s business challenges while ensuring long-term agility and growth?

Today’s insurers must not only master traditional business challenges, but also compete in a market that demands real-time access to data for informed underwriting, expedited claim handling and superior customer service across your operations. This increased pressure heightens the need for access to analytics to respond in an ever increasing competitive landscape. Service expectations continue to increase and put more strain on your existing systems. The desire for greater digitization, for new business models, such as just-in-time insurance, point-of-sale coverages, and “Internet of Things” related services. Insurers need to be able to adapt and evolve rapidly to address the rising expectations of customer service and business operations. Can your technology keep up?

Transform your business – think differently about technology.

There is a difference in software developed as “fit-for-purpose” to handle insurance companies’ policy lifecycle needs today and software designed and architected to adapt as your business dictates. OneShield Software has developed a powerful transaction automation platform that resolves both. We have built out insurance-specific modules designed to address the complex policy lifecycle of your business today, while providing the ability to design and process any unique business transaction. Simply stated our technology covers your business needs today and into the future.

Automate and simplify the complexities of your business.

Our goal? Deliver a technology platform that enables you to exercise greater control over your business with the self-sufficiency to run and configure your system as the business environment changes, with minimized maintenance costs and ease of upgrade.

OneShield Software delivers feature and function-rich software with the ability to extend your solution beyond traditional insurance processing needs. This means you can be sure your software meets business needs today, while giving you the agility to transform your business faster, more economically and at a lower total cost of ownership on a long-term basis as your business changes.

With 24/7 support from our industry and technology experts, OneShield can be implemented in a traditional on-premises mode, but is also engineered to deliver the full benefits of cloud-based Software-AsA-Service (SaaS), including lowered costs, automated release support, best-of-breed security, and unlimited scalability.

Whatever innovation course you are planning, OneShield is your partner in transformation.

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