CX In The Age Of Digital Insurance: Vivek Gujral, Chief Technology Officer

CX in the Age of Digital Insurance: What to Do, and What’s at Stake

Vivek Gujral, OneShield Software – Founder & Chief Technology Officer

In the year 2000, Blockbuster had an opportunity to buy Netflix for about $50 million. Today, Netflix is worth over $80 billion and Blockbuster is little more than a memory. Are insurers facing a similar choice in their need to embrace digital technology and recognize the threat of emerging digital competitors?

In this article, we’ll discuss what constitutes a compelling digital insurance experience and address some of the challenges insurers face in creating it, and most importantly what’s at stake.

What is “digital” anyway? The term has often been used to signify little more than online alternatives to various aspects of insurance sales and service. Ultimately, it means the recreation of all insurance documents and processes in digital form. However, for this article, we’ll focus primarily on its meaning for customer experience. This is essentially when the selling and servicing of insurance are entirely technologically based, where technology can facilitate direct communication in better ways, and ultimately minimizes the need for human interaction when purchasing or servicing an insurance policy.