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Delivering The Best of Breed Eco-System: Jennifer Wegiel, OneShield Software

Featuring: Jennifer Wegiel, Director of Alliances 

What is the role that Alliances play in OneShield’s Business & Technology Strategy?

Alliances play a very significant role. The world has changed dramatically from even a few years ago. Information is immediately at our fingertips and we’ve grown to expect a more seamless, mobile way of connecting.   And so why should the insurance industry be any different? While OneShield continues to evolve our Enterprise Suite of Policy, Billing, and Claims solutions, we recognize our strength in our single platform and its ease of upgradability and we look to leverage the strengths of our vendors in emerging technology to complement our offering.

What types of alliances are sought out to fulfill OneShield’s delivery strategy (e.g., industry leaders, criteria for selection, etc.)? 

We really look at alliances in several ways. One is through our Value-Added Reseller program. Where we’ve aligned with many companies with the insurance know-how and existing relationships that have been able to white-label our suite, or its individual components and our 46 pre-built lines of business to either replace their existing solution or provide their customers with an entirely new offering. Another alliance opportunity is through System Implementers or BPO organizations that work alongside us in providing our customers with unified services and implementations. We typically look to our VARs in this respect as we invest a lot of time in ensuring their success. And lastly, we align with vendors that provide leading integrations to expand upon our offering with the objective to provide our customers with many cutting-edge solutions to addressing their customer’s needs.

Give us an overview of the alliances that have already been formed and the “eco-system” that is being built for OneShield customers?

I’m extremely proud of OneShield’s alliances. One thing that’s always been particularly important to me is working with genuinely good people who work hard and want to do right by the customer because our alliances are an extension of OneShield. If we don’t like working with them, then odds are our customers won’t either, so we feel confident in that regard. And equally important has been limiting our alliances to those who have solid solutions and services that can back up the talk.

Ultimately, what are the market advantages for OneShield customers in having an eco-system built on both OS products and alliances with market leaders?

With the formation of our alliances, OneShield is a pretty powerful force. Customers can expect better communication with their customers, through their customer’s chosen communication channels and in real-time, whether it be updates throughout the claims process, payment due to notifications or via our chatbot. Customers can also expect a more seamless approach to online bill pay, going paperless, and providing immediate claim reimbursements. Underwriters can expect greater visibility to geographical risks to make better-informed decisions about who they’re insuring coupled with more streamlined workflows for approval and rejection Auto insurers can learn so much more about their drivers through connected devices, learning driver’s habits, assessing risks and adjusting rates accordingly. There’s really a lot that OneShield is doing by way of innovation and aligning with strategic players to support that vision and where we’re heading as an organization.

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