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Insurance Innovation Reporter: From Tactical Flexibility To Strategic Agility

Core Systems with As Insurance-As-A-Service

  • Anthony O’Donnell, Senior Editor – Insurance Innovation Reporter
  • Reetika Joshi, Research Director – HfS Research
  • Eric Miller, Senior Vice President – Advantage Insurance
  • Liza Smith, Chief Revenue Officer – OneShield Software

Changing insurer processes and culture to meet evolving customer expectations, achieve efficiencies and improve retention.

As technology-driven change rapidly transforms the insurance landscape and customer expectations, insurers are looking to modernize their core systems to deliver a customer-centric service and more efficient business processes.

Our expert panel will share their vision for the future development of insurance, how you deliver customer-centric service and what this means for traditional operating models – including core software installations, cloud deployments, and business process as-a-service offerings.

Discover the insights that will help you assess your next move towards operational agility in today’s insurance world.

Topics to be covered include:

  • How are disruptive technologies impacting insurer operating models?
  • What are the barriers to moving to cloud-based systems?
  • With the “As-a-Service” economy growing, should you be considering Insurance as a Service(IaaS)?
  • How do you create a burning platform for change within the organization?