Loss Prevention & Workers’ Compensation – A Winning Combination

The Steps to Defining Your Loss Prevention Strategy

Webinar Contributors:

  • Carol Fronczek, ARM – Vice President, Loss Prevention WCT (Workers’ Compensation Trust)
  • Kim Tambo, Moderator – Senior Director, OneShield Software

The first step in having a winning Loss Prevention strategy is defining your business needs and finding a system that can support your activities. Many times the Loss Prevention department’s business needs are secondary to a core enterprise policy or claim applications. Loss Prevention does not get the attention of IT and that is why an AAS or cloud model should be explored.

So where do your loss Prevention business needs fit into your companies overall IT strategy? This webinar will cover 3 main topics:

  1. How does this work?
  2. How can I take advantage of this new option?
  3. What does this really look like?