OneShield Technology: OneShield’s Cloud Services

Increase market agility, scale resources up or down as needed, and digitize your business with OneShield’s Cloud Services. Proven, cost-effective, secure, robust and compliant, our Cloud Services are deployed to meet the unique needs of the insurance industry.

We already live in a “cloud” world. Cloud-hosted technology and services are revolutionizing how we interact with businesses, governments and each other — storing massive amounts of data safely at a low cost, powering countless software applications, and lowering total cost of ownership with dramatically reduced capital and maintenance expenses for hardware and software.

For the insurance industry, cloud technology adoption is well past the tipping point, with recent surveys showing one-quarter of P&C companies moving one or more core systems to the cloud, and 80% of carriers expecting to digitize core insurance operations in the near future.

By essentially outsourcing your core system infrastructure, on-going maintenance, updates, and security, OneShield’s Cloud Services allows insurers to benefit from a core system that leverages a cloud-based “As-A-Service” (AAS) platform while focusing on what you do best — offering exceptional services and products to brokers, agents, partners, and customers.

The full spectrum of OneShield Software’s enterprise-class products, ranging from end-to-end policy management to billing to rating to claims administration, is available through public and private cloud services. Whether the cloud is in your short- or long-term IT strategy, OneShield has the experience to help you simplify your business with a proven implementation methodology, complete configurability, automated processes, and ready-to-go content, rules, and workflows.