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Leverage SaaS and focus on what you do best.

Our SaaS solution provides a unique value proposition. OneShield will augment your IT team to provide a seamless servicing experience in how you go to market. We provide the resources and know-how to manage your solution including screen edits, changes to business rules and workflows, integration frameworks, ongoing infrastructure support, standard maintenance activities, upgrades, and monitoring to ensure consistent performance allowing you to focus on the business of insurance for such competitive tasks as defining product offerings, rating, pricing, administrative permissions and reporting.



Cloud Native

Deployed in the cloud, OneShield Market Solutions is cloud native with a web-based UI. Our SaaS core systems help mitigate complex delivery of technology transformation and rapidly stand up business operations so you can focus on your business, not the technology stack.

Explore OneShield Market Solutions
  • Browser and operating system agnostic.

  • No additional software or hardware requirements.

  • All components are deployed and fully managed by our team.

  • All-in-one pricing.


Our solutions were developed to attain speed to market capabilities that match the fast-moving segments insurers serve. OneShield Market Solutions is a single platform with a standard data model and codebase.

  • C#

  • ASP.NET 4.5

  • AJAX and jQuery

  • Angular

  • MS SQL


OneShield handles set-up and management, as well as technical and product support. We partner with the best in class server platforms, like Microsoft Azure, to deliver a growing collection of integrated cloud services.

  • OneShield is the first U.S. partner to collaborate with Microsoft on a unified cloud approach.

  • Our wide range of managed services are available on Microsoft Azure and supported by our team of Azure cloud experts.