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OneShield’s Core Transaction Platform

At the heart of OneShield Enterprise is a scalable metadata driven transaction platform, built around a powerful workflow engine with rules and execution capabilities.

Through our Core Transaction Platform, OneShield’s pre-built workflows encompass not only data validation and underwriting referral, but also control dynamic user interface behavior, form selection conditions, automated task creation, process metrics and automated assignment, to name a few. The Core Transaction Platform is easily accessed by almost any application and allows clients to create their own user interface.

Leverages Industry Standards

OneShield uses industry standard XML as the primary means to move data to and from external systems. XML is the primary payload of all Web Services. OneShield Designer, our design tool, manages XML schemas, as well as configuring any additional data transformation.

Execute Multiple Jobs At Once

A sub-system executes work asynchronously. Single jobs can be run in the background or batches of jobs can be run simultaneously. Jobs and batches can run on a schedule, invoked on-the-fly by OneShield workflows, or triggered remotely.

Integrate With Data Warehouses

For external data warehouse integrations, OneShield’s Data Exchange Format (DXF) provides the XML in a non-transformed OneShield Canonical format for easy imports and exports.

Sophisticated Workflow Modifications

The transaction platform allows for robust workflow changes, including pre-defined workflows for transactions with straight-through processing (STP); configuring action sequences and milestones in a process and designing “smart tasks” triggered by workflow actions.

OneShield Software’s underlying technology architecture.

Vivek Gujral Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

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