What is the role of microservices in digital insurance distribution?

Developing a compelling customer experience has become a top priority for insurers who know that insurance has become one product among many from the perspective of the consumer.

Tune into this podcast where Insurance Innovation Reporter’s Executive Editor Anthony O’Donnell speaks with Rakesh Parikh, VP Product Engineering, OneShield Software & Karen Furtado, Partner, Strategy Meets Action.

The conversation begins with a definition of digital insurance and offers critical strategies for transforming traditional insurers into the digital insurer of tomorrow.


Anthony O'Donnell

Executive Editor, Insurance Innovation Reporter

Karen Furtado

Partner, Strategy Meets Action

Rakesh Parikh

VP, Product Engineering, OneShield Software

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Creating an engaging customer experience (CX) in the digital marketplace is increasingly a top priority for insurers. With insurance frequently seen as a commodity by consumers, the capability to connect with customers in the digital world is now key to future growth. From technology and organizational culture standpoints, how then do you evolve into a successful digital insurer?

The Role of Microservices