UX through UI: Navigating Customer Expectations

The rising expectations of the customer and user interfaces are gathering momentum.

For insurers looking to offer the most compelling consumer-driven or focused technology experience, new and improved interfaces will play a key role in ensuring their success.

Read the whitepaper and learn innovative ways to interact with your customers.

Interfaces Drive Engagement

Who has the most capable toolset to leverage the customer and user data within their platform?

The winners and losers in the emerging war for customer attention may well be determined by who best understands both the limits and potential of each communication channel. 

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Vivek Gujral, CTO, OneShield Software

Offers strategic insights on navigating insurance CX.

What will you learn?

  1. 1. Discover how UI’s can be built using reusable software components accessed via scalable web services that can be leveraged seamlessly across every communication channel.

  2. 2. Explore the top communication channels being used by insurers to extend their distribution and enhance the digital customer experience.

  3. 3. Gain insights into the types of interactions insurers are having with their customers and how you can make the most out of engaging with your customers.