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3 key enhancements bring efficiency and growth.

PURE Insurance
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Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE), a member-owned company focused on servicing the personal insurance needs of high-net-worth individuals and families, has partnered with OneShield for over two decades. Innovating on the OneShield Policy administration solution, PURE has created enhancements to support growth, savings, and continued excellence in service to members and agents.


PURE sought to improve efficiencies for their agents, members, and internal workforce in ways that would also benefit the bottom line and spur growth. As a means to reduce manual processes, data input, paper, and mailing costs and improve underwriting and accuracy, PURE identified the following feature enhancements to OneShield Policy:

  • Offer agent and member delivery preference options for policy and billing information with an e-Delivery offering.
  • Provide auto Pre-Fill for auto quotes.
  • Allow agents to initiate endorsements.


Within six months of discussing e-delivery options with the OneShield team, PURE had configured its workflows within OneShield Policy to make e-delivery the default option, with options to request print policies on-demand, electronically distribute policies in real-time or traditional printed copies. With all workflow automation already included in OneShield Policy, no additional BPM solution was required. To support e-delivery, the selected partner solution integrated directly into OneShield Policy’s open architecture.

The Auto Pre-Fill feature, completed in under 65 days, integrated OneShield Policy directly into LexisNexis, enabling agents – with minimal keying – to instantly pull driver and vehicle information into OneShield Policy when creating an auto insurance quote, inclusive of prefill information about additional drivers and vehicles in a household.

Working simultaneously with the OneShield implementation team, the Agent Endorsement feature was configured within four weeks. This feature allows agents to initiate post-new business transactions, such as entering and rating endorsements, and quickly find pricing information.


PURE’s innovation on the OneShield Enterprise platform continues to support geographic expansion and exemplary policyholder service. With a historic annual member growth rate of 40%, PURE surpassed 100,000 members in 2021 with a 93.9% renewal rate.

  • Key entries to quote auto has been reduced by more than 70%.
  • 45% book growth without an increase in resources for policy issuance and mailing.
  • Improved underwriting accuracy and response time have decreased operating expenses and improved agent experience.
  • Reduced print by more than 50,000 printed pages with the initial adoption of e-Delivery (which today exceeds 60% of the membership).
  • Secure email delivery of multiple policy document attachments reduced to less than $.25.
  • Auto quote time reduced from 15 to 20 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Agents were able to find pricing information on their own for 40% of endorsements—creating tremendous productivity gains for Member Services.
  • Review of endorsements internally reduced from 3 days to 1 hour.


Project Summary

White Plains, NY



Primary Driver
Startup initiative

2007, 2010, 2012

OneShield Enterprise (OE)

High net worth home, auto, watercraft, cyber/fraud, flood, collections


“The technology we have implemented here at PURE, including the integration of OneShield Policy, has helped to enable our growth over the past few years. As we continuously assess the most impactful methods of reaching our goals and objectives, it is great to know that we have a strong technology backbone supporting us.”

Jason Lichtenthal, Senior Vice President, CIO, PURE