Transformative Solutions Reshaping The Professional Liability Insurance Landscape

OneShield’s comprehensive Policy, Billing, and Claims Administration Solutions are meticulously designed to provide the essential tools and capabilities, optimizing, and streamlining processes in the vast landscape of Professional Liability Insurance.

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OneShield’s Policy, Billing, and Claims Administration Solutions offer the following key features tailored to Professional Liability Insurers:

Policy Management

  • Manage customer/entity data at an account and policy level, including relationships of customers across accounts, through the full policy lifecycle.
  • Large schedule management to import facility and professional risk information.
  • Specialized underwriting and policy issuance for professional service-related risks, including professionals and organizations.
  • Integration with third-party data sources for entity information and financial analysis.
  • Support for admitted and non-admitted products, including primary and excess coverage.
  • Configurable policy options and coverages, including ERP.
  • Ability to override premiums at the policy, coverage, and rating factor level.
  • Side-by-side scenario rating for customizable package options.
  • Endorsement management to accommodate evolving risk needs.
  • Reinsurance tracking capabilities.
  • Multi-line support for various Professional Liability Insurance products.
  • Support for master policies.
  • Certificate of Insurance processing and self-service capabilities.

Billing & Accounting

  • Flexible billing options for premium collection.
  • Automated invoicing and premium calculations, both professional and organization bill.
  • Account bill administration and reconciliation.
  • Split bill and multi-payor functionality.
  • Integration with General Ledger financial systems and payment processors.

Claims Management

  • Incident tracking is independent of claim creation.
  • Comprehensive claims handling for specialty risks.
  • Management of multiple coverages, including ERP.
  • Integration with third-party claims adjusters and experts.
  • Assignment administration to internal and/or external parties through tasks, diaries, and notes.
  • Reserve, payment administration.
  • Comprehensive litigation tracking and management, including budgets.
  • Streamlined claims processing for efficient resolution.

Analytics & Reporting

  • Real-time analytics for risk assessment and pricing.
  • Robust business intelligence capabilities.
  • Comprehensive reporting for regulatory compliance.
  • Data-driven insights for strategic decision-making.

Customer Engagement

  • Self-service portals for policyholders and partners.
  • Personalized communication to build strong relationships.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Client Success

Full Entity Management for Professional Liability: A game changer for clients, employees & insurers.

Client Success

Full Entity Management for Professional Liability: A game changer for clients, employees & insurers.

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