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OneShield Billing

Our billing capabilities go beyond your typical insurance billing application – OneShield Billing is a complete billing and receivables management system.


Automate the billing lifecycle, from processing invoices and reconciliations to creating tasks, detailed reporting, collections, and commission management. Easily manage all payables beyond commissions, including taxes, fees, surcharges, Reinsurer, and other vendor compensation. Generate invoices, enable self-serve Web portals, track payables and receivables, use rich analytics, and quickly resolve customer and partner inquiries.

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Simplify, customize, delight.

Simplify the billing process to deliver on the changing needs and expectations of your market.

Flexible Billing & Payment Plan Options

  • Flexible equity-based billing, payment, and delinquency plans.
  • Comprehensive delinquency management from late notice to NOC.
  • Configurable cash application rules and billing adjustments, including write-offs and disbursements.
  • Control over all payment term changes, including mid-term rescheduling of payment plans or bill-type changes that minimize billing leakage.
  • Multiple payments and bill types (such as agency and direct at both policy and account levels).

Minimize Billing Leakage With Automation

  • Automatically generate tasks for Billing/PAS users.
  • Invoicing, reminders, notices, cash applications, write-offs, disbursements, and suspending billing functions.
  • Automatic moratorium and suspension processing.
  • Automatically locate payment discrepancies.
  • Agent reconciliation templates and predefined workflows.

Work Smarter With Real-Time Views

  • Real-time view of customers across all accounts and policies.
  • Robust administration views and functionality to track, assign, and balance workloads.
  • Built-in commission management.
  • Full access to all customer transactions to handle billing inquiries.
  • Role-based access ensures users can only perform discrete functions within the system.

Offer Superior Self-Service

  • Customer self-service options and payment methods with web portal capabilities.
  • Offer multiple payment methods, including real-time online and credit/debit/EFT payments.
  • Role-based access ensures users can only perform discrete functions within the system.

Complete Solution

We deliver the most comprehensive payment and receivables system for growth-oriented insurers and MGAs across all commercial, personal, and specialty insurance markets.

  • Enable payments the way your customers want to initiate and receive them.

  • Easily integrate with third-party document and payment systems.

  • Give your team the visibility and tools to work efficiently.

“OneShield Billing provides PMA the ability to adapt the premium billing system to accommodate changing business models and reduce current manual process with features available from both processing and workflow perspectives.”

Susan Hendricks