OneShield’s solutions are developed for all markets and provide policy, billing, claims, rating technology and business analytics designed specifically for mid to large-sized P&C insurers and specialty markets.

“Generation We” are changing insurance engagement.

Millennials are unlike any generation. They interact with companies differently, they buy products differently, so insurers need to adapt. Learn how they are influencing change.

Mapping The Ultimate Digital CX Journey.

In an era where customers are demanding accessibility, transparency, and ease of use, addressing the customer experience remains at the forefront of insurers’ agendas.


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Making Insurance More Human
Making Insurance More Human

A Customer-Centric Approach to Underwriting The insurance industry is experiencing a technological renaissance and many forward-thinking commercial underwriters are already...

How technological self-sufficiency can equate to success (even survival) amid industry disruption
How Technological Self-Sufficiency Can Equate To Success (Even Survival) Amid Industry Disruption

Liza Smith, Chief Revenue Officer, OneShield Software The business of selling insurance is changing. It was generally understood that “insurance...

Self-sufficiency is critical for an insurer to gain that sought after self-control.
Self-Sufficiency Is Critical For An Insurer To Gain That Sought-After Control

For many insurers today, the barriers to self-sufficiency are legacy technology systems and dependencies on 3rd party maintainers to be...