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Throughout the sales cycle, we integrate implementation leadership in our sessions so that the official transition from sales to your project team will feel seamless. In the initial months of the project we’ll conduct two important phases – Define and Blueprinting to establish project governance, and ensure alignment on project scope, deliverables and timeframes.

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Define Phase

Feel the love from the start. Creating team dynamics and ensuring alignment on the project is the main outcome of the Define Phase. Throughout the sales cycle, we'll have determined many of your Minimum Loveable Product (MLP) objectives and will have provided an initial plan on scope, estimates, and timelines. During this phase, we'll dive a little further into your specific requirements to refine our understanding and estimates around scope and implementation assumptions.

  • Strategic alignment on governance structure, strategic tenets, guiding principles and change management.

  • Agree on the Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) by release.

  • Refine high-level program roadmap.

  • Pre-implementation phase wrap-up.

Blueprinting Phase

During this phase, we begin our blueprinting journey by jointly reviewing the relevant OneShield Use Cases that are pre-populated with insurance content, business process flows, features, and functionality, to capture any required changes for your specific company. The end results in this phase will be the development of your specific Use Cases that will be a visual guide of what is to be configured, provide a "source of truth' for sign-off and alignment on deliverables, and will be used to create test cases for future testing.

Implementation process
  • Confirm usage of use case scenarios, define and document deviations.

  • Envision Business Process flows.

  • Incorporate company specific requirements into use cases.

  • Create development backlog.

  • Establish Delivery Plan incorporating major milestones and establishing test strategies.


How to strengthen digital objectives and create “minimum lovable products.”

Satyajit Nashikkar,

Chief Customer Success Officer

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