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Policy & Billing Management

Adaptable, integrated, and secure, OneShield Market Solutions’ Policy Management & Billing modules reduce IT costs and pressures, leaving you with more time to focus on customer service, growth, and innovation.


Leverage our integrated cloud-hosted and rules-based application to automate and streamline the entire policy lifecycle.

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All-in-One Pricing

Our annual fee includes the software license, maintenance, hosting, support, implementation, and a defined number of annual managed service hours. Upgrades and enhancements are pushed monthly, so you will always be on the latest version of OneShield Market Solutions. This pricing approach provides comfort in your known expenditures and eliminates the "sticker shock" of typical T&M implementation and support models.

  • No large upfront implementation fees.

  • Annual service hours allotment.

  • Monthly upgrades and enhancements.

Additional Features

  • Real-time quoting, binding, issuing, and servicing.
  • Spreadsheet rating via microservices.
  • Support for quota share/subscription policies.
  • Automated renewals and audits.
  • Fully integrated document management.
  • Underwriting and carrier clearance.
  • All are customizable to your company or state-specific requirements.

  • Pre-configured, industry-standard workflows for MGAs and Insurers.
  • Embedded underwriting rules engine.
  • Straight-through processing and exception-focused underwriting.
  • Allow underwriter discretion in rating (overrides, surcharges, manual premium).
  • Tailorable to meet your unique requirements.

  • Rules for automatic form attachment and form order.
  • Support for static or dynamic forms.
  • Support for manuscript or external form inclusion.

  • Enhance the user experience with agent and customer portals.
  • Enable digital payments.
  • Streamline processes with eSignatures.

  • Custom billing plans.
  • Invoicing for agency/broker-billed or multi-payor options and transactions.
  • Built-in integrations to payment gateways and lock boxes.
  • Automated cash application.
  • Automated NOIC and cancellation processing.
  • Fee management (automated and manual).
  • Combined/Account billing support.
  • Built-in integrations with general ledger systems.

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