Elevate your Personal Lines business with advanced technology.

In the evolving personal lines landscape, insurers face intensified competition, shifting customer preferences, and emerging risks, compounded by regulatory complexity. By automating policy administration and streamlining claims handling, it enables insurers to operate more efficiently. A modern core platform empowers insurers to offer customized policies, effectively manage risks, and provide superior customer experiences, reinforcing their competitiveness and resilience in the insurance sector.


That’s where OneShield comes in.

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OneShield's Policy, Billing, and Claims Administration Solutions provide unique functionality tailored to needs of Personal Lines insurers. Beyond the core features, here are some key highlights:

Policy Administration

  • Streamlined underwriting and policy issuance.
  • Seamless endorsement management for policy changes.
  • Manage customer data at an account and policy level.
  • Ability to override premiums at the policy, coverage, and rate factor level.
  • Easy maintenance allows for reusability across products and programs.
  • Reinsurance tracking capabilities.
  • Moratorium and suspension automation.
  • Tools to streamline the processing of large schedules of assets.

Billing and Accounting

  • Flexible billing options to accommodate various payment preferences.
  • Automated invoice generation and premium calculations.
  • Integration with accounting systems for accurate financial reporting.

Claim Management

  • Customer-friendly claims reporting and tracking.
  • Integration with third-party claims adjusters and repair services.
  • Swift and transparent claims processing.
  • Catastrophe management.
  • Efficient claims intake and processing via a web portal, email, or manual entry.
  • Automated coverage identification based on loss information.
  • Assignment administration to internal and/or external parties through tasks, diaries, notes, etc.
  • Rules-based recovery identification across different types such as salvage, subrogation, reinsurance, and deductibles.
  • Agency and customer portals for reporting and tracking loss statuses.
  • 360-degree claim summary view.
  • Robust business intelligence capabilities.

Analytics & Reporting

  • Real-time data analytics for risk assessment and market insights.
  • Comprehensive reporting to monitor performance and customer behavior.
  • Data-driven decision-making for profitable growth.

Customer Engagement

  • Self-service portals for policyholders to access
    information and perform actions.
  • Uncredentialed consumer portal for anonymous
  • Personalized communication to enhance customer
  • High customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Client Success

From Startup to Market Leader – The Journey of PURE Insurance

Jason Lichtenthal, SVP & CIO, PURE Insurance
Client Success

From Startup to Market Leader – The Journey of PURE Insurance

Jason Lichtenthal, SVP & CIO, PURE Insurance
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