Change Is Inevitable. Can Your Core System Respond?

There are so many changes that impact the insurance market: 

– Globalization

– Cost of customer acquisition

 – Increasing competition

 – Getting products to market

 – Regulatory demands

 – Customer experience


An As-a-Service solution can help you respond to change and deliver

 – Access: Anytime, anywhere collaboration

 – Agility: Adaptive business solutions

 – Flexibility: Pre-built and customizable features

 – Scalability: Unlimited ability to scale

 – Efficiency: Pay as you go


The cloud is a network of secure computer servers leveraging the Internet, which is efficient, nimble, cost-effective and adaptive for insurers. 


“Cloud services are not only changing the way insurers do business – they’re changing the way insurers think about doing business.” Karen Furtado – Partner, Strategy Meets Action (SMA)


“95% of IT spending will shift from in-house to the cloud by 2025” Ideals of As-A-Service Study HfS Research 2015


“66% of insurers are moving to the cloud to reduce overall cost of process delivery.” Ideals of As-A-Service Study HfS Research 2015


OneShield cloud based P&C solutions deliver:

 – Automated solutions ready to meet the demands of your business

 – Leverage-proven flexible and configurable technology

 – Support multiple product lines of business and geographies across the world

 – Access, download and report relevant company data

 – Prebuilt content and functionality

 – Automatic and seamless upgrades

 – High level security and 24/7 support

 – Transaction-based pricing. No large license fees upfront

 – Cloud based, no hardware needed, unlimited scalability