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Enhancing the agent experience brings dramatic results.

Erie Insurance
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Erie Insurance Company, a multi-line insurer working with over 13,000 independent agents, has been an innovative partner of OneShield since 2007. In 2018, Erie sought to create a new, streamlined experience for its commercial agents and employees with the support of the OneShield team.


The complexity of multiple applications and technologies to support multiple products, third-party data sources that were not fully integrated, and a host of inflexible legacy systems hindered client visibility, agent efficiency, and product modification.

  • Agents were required to log in to multiple interfaces (up to 7) to submit applications for 10 commercial coverages.
  • Client visibility across products was not available in one global view, requiring agents to toggle between multiple screens.
  • Coverage modification required 6 to 9 months from request and analysis through implementation.
  • Cycle time from quote to bind extended from days to weeks.


Erie worked with OneShield to build out a new Quote & Application System (QAS) to automate the quote-bind-issue-service for all policy transaction workflows leveraging OneShield’s web services capabilities (submission, qualification, and quoting to issuance, endorsement, renewals, and cancellations, for all existing and new products). Features include:

  • End-to-end lifecycle processing with a user-friendly agency interface, in real-time.
  • APIs integrate QAS with Erie’s core PAS system, CLION, enabling interoperability with third-party solutions.
  • OneShield Designer for product and workflow configurations.


Agents and underwriters are delighted by the user experience and efficiency they’ve gained. There is full visibility into the client risk profile and potential cross-sell opportunities and product offerings can be modified with ease to respond to market needs. As a true testament, Erie is embarking upon its next transformative project, the conversion of personal lines to the OneShield platform, in 2022.

Project Summary

Erie, PA



Primary Driver
Enhancing Agent and Customer Experience


OneShield Policy



“We needed to provide a world-class experience, but we also needed the modern underpinnings to do it efficiently and be flexible to change in our future. We were using low code, no code for our experience layer, and NoSQL for our database. But we knew we needed to interact with our core, which needed to be API-based and lean into an event-driven architecture. All of those things were new to Erie, and we wanted to bring in the skills of OneShield to help us understand the limitations of our solution in the context of theirs.”

Tim Shine, SVP, Information Technology, Erie Insurance