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Solutions for MGAs

As an MGA, getting products to market quickly and efficiently is imperative to your business’s success. OneShield’s MGA solution offers end-to-end automated policy management to support the complex demands of your program business.


The solution is configured to match how MGAs work, however, tailoring the application to incorporate company-specific processes is supported easily by our team as part of the SaaS support model. For every business opportunity, there is the ability to set specific rules for carrier agreements, pricing, and policy processing.

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Designed specifically for MGAs and program administrators.

As an MGA, getting products to market quickly is imperative to your success. OneShield’s MGA solution provides a fully functioning submission, rating, quoting, binding, business development, and policy administration system.

All-in-One Pricing

Our inclusive annual fee includes the software license, maintenance, hosting, support, implementation, and a defined number of annual managed service hours. Upgrades and enhancements are pushed monthly, so you will always be on the latest version of OneShield Market Solutions.

  • Implementation included in fees.

  • Annual service hours.

  • Monthly upgrades and enhancements.