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OneShield Policy

A customer-centric solution, OneShield Policy provides a rich set of insurance transactions, including new business, renewals, rewrites, endorsements, cancellations, reinstatements, non-renewals, broker of record changes, and rollbacks automating every stage of the policy lifecycle across personal, commercial, and specialty products.


Our policy management solution automates every stage of the policy lifecycle, from submission, qualification, rating, and quote processing to issuance, endorsement, renewals and cancellations, new product launches, and premium audits – all with detailed reporting and statistical analysis capabilities.



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Maximize your insurance product's potential.

Offered with a rich set of insurance-specific content and role-based journeys designed to maximize efficiencies, OneShield Policy provides opportunities for increasing productivity, insights, and experiences.


Fully automate every phase of your underwriting workflow with straight-through processing and intelligent referrals with decision support and traceability. And leverage existing rules, workflows, and content to quickly automate business processes.


Capabilities include:

  • Straight through processing (STP) via underwriting rules and workflow.
  • Automated task management with notes, journaling, and assignment based on expertise and authority levels.
  • Advanced moratorium capabilities with policy suspension driven by events and catastrophes.
  • Real-time access to multiple submissions and files.

Benefit From Our Use Cases

Eliminate time-consuming and costly “ground up” requirements by leveraging pre-built, fully documented use cases with pre-defined insurance content and configurable data models, workflows, rules, use cases, reports, dashboards, and product definitions, as well as automated processing, using intelligent referrals with decision support and traceability.


Capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive data models.
  • Workflows, rules, and reports.
  • Rates, rules, and forms logic.
  • Dashboards supporting 80+ lines of business and growing.

Define Your Future

We are often cited as offering our clients one of the lowest costs of ownership, which goes beyond initial implementation costs. With OneShield, you can create your path for the future. Throughout the initial implementation, we will work with you to define your long-term goals for the level of support and maintenance that works for your organization.


Capabilities include:

  • Both business and technical users can work collaboratively to create, modify and maintain the application via our wizard-based design tool, OneShield Designer.
  • Rapidly bring products to market for greater business agility.
  • With CI/CD, we provide efficient, secure release of new functionality through a regular cadence of incremental upgrades. You easily manage these with little or no help from OneShield.
  • Lower management and maintenance costs.

Intelligent "Anytime, Anywhere" Capabilities

Creating a winning digital strategy goes beyond omnichannel enablement with one that ensures the information provided is comprehensive and accurate. Providing real-time insights to customers, agents, and partners offers the opportunity to provide the ultimate self-service experience.

Client-centric, OneShield’s 360-degree view of “all things customer” offers your team a superior digital experience with enhanced visibility.


Capabilities include:

  • Create unique self-service experiences for customers, agents, and partners.
  • Access to inquiries and transaction processing, new business acquisition, commission, and sales monitoring, monthly reconciliation, and performance tracking.
  • Provide user-based visibility of existing customers across all terms and policies.
  • Make better decisions with visibility and insights.

"We needed a system that would allow us to rapidly bring enhancements and new products to market. And now, several years later we still feel that OneShield gives us the ability to respond to changes in the business.”

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