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OneShield Rating

We take rating one step further. Our complete rating engine builds, designs, and configures products with automated underwriting, rate modeling, and pricing management. Plus, it facilitates rate impact analysis of an existing book of business to determine projected premium impact.


You can handle the range of disparate lines of business from simple base rate overrides to the most complex rating, including actuarial predictive models. And leverage our pre-populated industry standard rules and rating content, or easily configure your own.

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Complex Rules & Rates Made Easy

Saving your business time and money while eliminating risks, OneShield Rating is a highly configurable solution with a data-driven model allowing you to accurately create, update, test, and deploy rating and underwriting rules — a major driver of your business’ success.

Simplify the Complexities

Automate and simplify the complexities at every stage of the rating process.

  • Multi-tier rating and score-card support.
  • Rate updates are performed individually or globally on filings or as a bulk load.
  • Future effective date filing definition, testing, and deployment.
  • Out-of-sequence and prior-term rating support.
  • Perform “what-if analysis” comparing various premium scenarios or separate quote proposals.
  • Import large schedules easily and quickly.
  • Support multi-jurisdiction and multi-location policies based on the appropriate filings.

Manage Underwriting Risks

  • Invoked at any point in the policy lifecycle to price-out risks outside your tolerance or rules.
  • Calculate data to drive underwriting rules and/or system behavior.
  • Conduct rate impact analysis by running your existing book of business through proposed rate/product changes to determine impact, along with testing, modeling, and product analysis.
  • Support multiple writing and rating companies with complete version control, regardless of the number of active rate books or single, multi-state and national filing adoptions.

Data Integrity & Reusability

  • Leverage shared or common product definition data across all product lines.
  • Pre-quote validations are based on underwriting rules, multiple calculation methods, blended rates, and multiple scenario-based quotes.
  • Easy integration with other systems and full reporting on all aspects of rating data.
  • Extensive versioning and filing capabilities.
  • Validate before rating even begins with complex rating algorithms, multi-variant rating, anniversary rating, and predictive modeling.

“In OneShield Software, PURE has found a partner with a similar view of the purpose of technology: to enhance efficiencies and provide exceptional service."

SVP and Chief Information Officer