Case Study

Startup MGA meets demands with greater efficiencies & reduced costs.


WestCongress, a startup MGA, was founded on the mission to excel in niche markets offering commercial general and commercial excess surplus to underserved segments of the energy, contractor artisans, and security markets. As a competitive advantage over traditional carriers and MGAs, WestCongress sought to offer greater efficiency and accuracy to their brokers and agents.


WestCongress found early success, but their manual processing and disparate applications could not support their growth. Inefficient onboarding of new carriers, demand for product innovations, and the expanding broker relationships ignited WestCongress’ search for an affordable solution and supportive team to convert all operations to a cloud-based platform.

Solution requirements:

  • Consolidation of all policy admin and claims processes onto a single platform.
  • Prebuilt, configurable content and workflows.
  • 360-degree view of customers, prospects, vendors, brokers, and claimants.
  • Data capture and analysis to develop new risk solutions.
  • Cloud solution to support work from anywhere.


WestCongress chose OneShield Market Solutions (OMS) for MGAs to support all of its requirements, and within the year, WestCongress went live, working seamlessly with over 300 brokers. Tom Dulapa, EVP of WestCongress, attributes OneShield’s insurance expertise, application knowledge, and the relationship they built as keys to selection and successful implementation.


Zero downtime and a dramatic reduction in IT costs and dependencies were immediately realized by the lean IT team at WestCongress, previously a heavy burden to this early-stage MGA.

Project Summary

Detroit, MI



Primary Driver
Rapid Growth


OneShield Market Solutions

Commercial general & excess surplus


“As a startup MGA, we wanted a partner with functionality in place, the ability to customize, and the capability to add new products or lines of business. We also wanted to eliminate most manual processes on the back-end to achieve straight-through processing.”

Tom Dulapa, EVP, WestCongress