Allied World


Allied World continuously rolls out new insurance products that allow them to capitalize on specific market opportunities and serve the demands of multiple distribution channels. Based on their commitment to outperform the market, Allied World required a superior technological and operational infrastructure.


Electing OneShield Enterprise, Allied World and OneShield worked rapidly to design workflows, define business specifications and deploy OneShield to support Allied World’s business and strategic goals. Control and flexibility provided by the OneShield Designer configuration toolset was a huge factor for Allied World.

Within six months, Allied World configured 80% of its application independently with a small but very talented staff.

“I’ve been working with insurance technology for the past 17 years. The total flexibility engineered into OneShield is exactly what we were looking for. In about one year’s time, we designed multiple product‐specific workflows and rolled out 15 new products while supporting the complexities of admitted and surplus paper. Additionally, we extended on‐line, real‐time services directly to our distribution partners. From a technology perspective, this platform supports all of Darwin’s products and processes with a deployment speed that gives us a competitive advantage.”

CIO, Allied World/Darwin Professional Underwriters