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Association Insurance Management (AIM)

Association Insurance Management’s (AIM) passion is supporting organizations that selflessly do so much for our communities. From parent-teacher associations (PTAs) to booster clubs to community schools to educational foundations, AIM helps provide specialty insurance benefits and services to their members.

Company Needs

With 30 years of success supporting the insurance needs of education and community-related nonprofits, AIM searched the market for technology that could help manage and support over 15 specialty areas of insurance coverage. AIM required an agile and flexible solution that offered innovative approaches to rapid deployments for speed-to-market advantage, such as OneShield Market Solution’s spreadsheet-based rating capabilities that eliminate the need for complex coding.

Improved Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction

With OneShield’s “As-a-Service” cloud-based application, AIM can reduce internal IT infrastructure costs and support while improving efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Innovative Approaches for Speed to Market

Fulfilling the goal of eliminating complex coding, AIM can now automate policy and billing processing, extend a quick-quote option on their portal for instant pricing proposals, manage Certificate of Insurance tracking and administration, and eliminate many routine and manual tasks with configurable rules engine all to the benefit of their community members.