Keswick Insurance


Based in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Keswick Insurance is a local provider of personal property and auto insurance to a region that has been largely underserved by other carriers. Keswick sought a solution to help them get to market quickly, with modern web-enabled capabilities of utmost importance.


Keswick chose OneShield Market Solutions to provide ease of product maintenance, including the flexibility to adjust rates and do real-time analysis for rating and quoting, all without requiring custom coding or programming. This ensured that Keswick Insurance would always be responsive as market conditions change.

With OneShield Market Solutions’ Policy Administration and Claims solutions, Keswick has a 360-degree view of customers, prospects, vendors, brokers, and other stakeholders. The policy administration and automated quoting workflows guide Keswick’s business users through policy submissions, including adjustable re-rating, billing plan changes, endorsement handling, and renewal management. The claims solution facilitates and handles the full claims lifecycle from First Notice of Loss through to payment/recovery processing.