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Montpelier US Insurance Company

Company Needs

Montpelier needed to find a system to handle a rapidly growing business, deliver the flexibility to manage the business nimbly, and get the company up and running as soon as possible. Montpelier chose OneShield’s policy solution as a key component of their overall architecture as it was the best product available from a flexibility standpoint.

Partnering for Self-Sufficiency

It was important for Montpelier to work with a vendor that would serve as a reliable partner and not just a solution provider. As a result of OneShield’s configurability capabilities, fully‐dedicated programmers are not needed with OneShield’s flexible toolkit. Montpelier was able to act quickly and modify product features as necessary, making needed changes in record time.

Rapid Growth

It was important for Montpelier to work with a vendor that would serve as a reliable partner as well as provide the cutting‐edge technology necessary to achieve strategic goals. They needed to be as efficient as possible to support their agency force as timely as possible. In order for Montpelier to have the ability to expand nationwide, having a top‐performing system in place within the first few months of 2008 was critical.

“The timelines of this project were ambitious for a firm of our size. OneShield guided us through the process and very quickly delivered a solution that far exceeded our original expectations. We signed the contract in January, had it installed and turned the system on 6 weeks later in March.”

Vice President and Controller, Montpelier US