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Company Needs

With a business model based on using innovative strategies and state-of-the-art technology to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for business customers, Omaha National Underwriters sought an integrated technology offering for policy, billing, claims, loss prevention and medical case management administration for workers’ compensation across the United States.

Business Process Efficiencies

From the onset, the emphasis was on leveraging web-based technologies that could accommodate Omaha National Underwriters’ unique processing needs. They also required a solution that would give business users and management easy-to-use reporting tools and access to business metrics. With OneShield’s “As-A-Service” cloud-based application, they are able to unify and automate the policy, billing, and claims handling processes, improve efficiencies and reduce risk with consistent handling of files, adopt a truly paperless file management process, eliminate many routine and manual tasks with a configurable rules engine and centralize the user experience by reducing manual data entry into multiple systems. Finally, they are able to expand their technology ecosystem by leverage software APIs and XML interfaces to third-party data providers.


The speed-to-market capabilities of OneShield Market Solutions’ Cloud-based technology were the optimal technology for Omaha National Underwriter’s business model. OneShield Market Solutions’ ‘As-a-Service’ offering was up-and-running for testing within just weeks of contract signing, allowing them to rapidly accelerate their work-flow processes and plans to roll out marketing in jurisdictions across the country.

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