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Tradesman Program Managers, LLC

Tradesman Program Managers, LLC of Poughkeepsie, New York, is an innovative and reliable lender in developing and providing the best insurance products and services to meet the insurance needs of artisanal construction contractors in New York and New Jersey.

Company Needs

Tradesman was looking for a technology transformation allowing them to operate on one comprehensive platform, helping to improve their policy administration and claims tracking efficiencies.

Reduce Cost and Improve Productivity

Tradesman will be consolidating multiple systems onto OneShield Market Solutions’ cloud-based MGA solution suite.

Streamline with Integrated and Flexible Platform

OneShield provides a flexible platform that significantly enhances Tradesman’s abilities to modify existing products and scale in the future. The cloud-hosted solution allows them to streamline multiple software applications, minimize manual tasks and reduce IT costs while allowing us to improve productivity, configure screens and workflows to match their specialized business needs.